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Indoor Air That's the Right Temperature

If you're like most people, you want your indoor air temperature to be the opposite of what it feels like outside. Classic Cooling and Heating helps you stay comfortable from season to season by providing you with efficient systems. We do heating installation, air-conditioning repair, and much more to improve your equipment's performance. Services include a one-year labor warranty.

HVAC Contractors That Care About Your Comfort

Air Conditioner

The Heat Is On

Our certified heating contractors will design a system to meet your requirements and fit your budget. Rely on us to help maximize your investment returns with a custom centralized heating system that is sure to have the highest quality design, correct installation, and appropriate maintenance. Ducted, ductless, and high-velocity mini-duct systems from top manufacturers are available.

Tools On Hand Performing a Repair On Air Conditioner

Cool & Calm

Take the sting out of the summer heat with an efficient AC system from Classic Cooling and Heating. An air-conditioning system alters the properties of your indoor air and allows you to control the temperature. Cool air is blown in, while hot air is blown out. When your unit malfunctions, call us to repair it or install a new one. We also install and repair zoning systems, ductless HVAC systems, and thermostats.